2000 dollar-quarter mule certified by PCGS

Twenty-two years after being produced at the Denver Mint, the only known example of a double denomination mule error coin features a Sacagawea dollar obverse and a South Carolina quarter dollar reverse. verified and certified as genuine by Professional Coin Grading Service.

PCGS has graded the coin as Mint State 64.

A mule is a coin struck with counters and vice versa not intended to be paired. For this defect, illustrated nearby, an inverted die designed for use on the outstanding South Carolina quarter dollar was paired with a Sacagawea dollar reverse die in a dedicated press for the tip. out dollar.

The grading service shipped the coin to coin grading expert Fred Weinberg for his expert opinion.

Weinberg confirmed with Coin World June 8 that the coin is struck on a dollar plank weighing 8.1 grams, the standard for dollar bills and measuring 26.5 mm, with a simple edge.

The Sacagawea dollar has a manganese-brass plated composition, consisting of outer layers of 77% copper, 12% zinc, 7% manganese and 4% nickel bonded to a pure copper core.

Weinberg said he saw no evidence that the mule bug was created from two separate coins that merge into one.

Weinberg said that, since the diameter of the quarter dollar is smaller than the diameter of the bag of dollars, the strike arising from the quarter dollar would represent the appearance of a double rim.

Other authenticated US mules include: the first mule identified, featuring the obverse of a quarter of the State dollar and the obverse of the Sacagawea dollar, marked on a golden dollar planchet ; a mule with inverse Sacagawea dollars and vice versa Presidential dollars, also struck on a gold dollar plan plate; a mule error occurred with two Roosevelt coin inversion dies on a copper nickel-plated coin planchet; two examples of Washington’s quarter-dollar mule from two reverse deaths, presumably attacked at the San Francisco Mint sometime between 1965 and 1966; a unique 1993-D piece hit on a one-cent plank with a Lincoln reverse dice and a Roosevelt reverse dice; and a 1995 piece hit on a board by a Lincoln reverse dice and a Roosevelt reverse dice.

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