2019 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Released

The silver coin presented in premium packaging is central to collectors today with the release of the United States Mint 2019 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

US Mint product image of the 2019 8 Coin Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Demand for this limited edition of 50,000 released annually tends to be high despite its price tag of $149.95. This year’s set is more attractive because, for the first time, all eight of its coins are made of fine .999 silver.

Contents of the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

In descending order of legal tender face value, this set includes:

  • American Silver Eagle Proof 2019-WORLD
  • 2019-S Kennedy half dollar
  • 2019-S Lowell National Historic District (Massachusetts)
  • US Memorial Park Area 2019-S (Northern Mariana Islands)
  • War 2019-S in the Pacific National Historic Park District (Guam)
  • 2019-S San Antonio Missions National Historic Park (Texas)
  • 2019-S Frank Church of No Return Wilderness Quarter (Idaho)
  • 2019-S Roosevelt Dime

The five quarters, released as part of the US Mint’s ongoing America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, feature a unique design through 2019. All of the set’s coins are produced in the same finish. Collector proof quality with each coin bearing an “S” mint mark to signify their manufacture at the San Francisco Mint.

99.9% fine silver coinage and set silver weight

Previous sets include the 99.9% pure American Silver Eagle with smaller coins featuring 90% silver. The United States Mint no longer produces 90% of silver coins. This change has been sought after by US Mint officials and many collectors alike. The Mint wants good .999 mints, in part, to improve supply chain availability for silver coin blanks and to increase the lifespan of the dead. For their part, collectors tend to prefer higher purity coins.

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The eight coins in the set released today combine 2.51 troy ounces of silver with a melt value of $43.80 based on Thursday’s LBMA silver price of $17.45 per ounce. In contrast, last year’s set had a silver weight of 2,338 troy ounces with a melt value of $40.80.

Pre-order sales

The Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is one of Mint’s flagship products. They have been loved to a great extent because of their presented packaging. Set sales for recent years include:

  • 2016 – 49,647 sold (19,266 sales in first three days)
  • 2017 – 48,901 (sold out in about 32 hours)
  • 2018 – 48,696 (24,990 sales in first three days)

The 2017 set sold out quickly thanks to an additional American Silver Eagle but was not sold individually and was only available in another sold out product.

Coins available in other products

Coins in this year’s set are not exclusive to it. The 2019-S Proof American Silver Eagle sells separately for $55.95, and it has current sales of 120,874.

CoinNews Photo of the American Silver Eagle 2019-S proof - reverse image
CoinNews photo of the opposite side (head) of a 2019-S Proof American Silver Eagle. The .999 fine silver coin is sold individually for $55.95. It is also one of 8 coins in the 2019 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

Seven more coins are available in the 2019 Silver Proof Set for $54.95. Its current revenue is 318,676.

Photo of 2019-S Proof America the Beautiful Silver Quarters and Lens
A photo on CoinNews of this year’s 2019 year quarters made of 99.9% fine silver. In addition to the set released today, these quarters are sold as part of the 2019 Silver Proof Set and themselves in the 2019 Silver Proof Set.

There’s also a smaller set of the 2019 silver quarter for $36.95. It has current sales of 64,011.


You can order the 2019 Limited Edition Silver Proof Kit from the US Mint’s online proof kit catalog or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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