7 NFT Games to Play-to-Earn in 2022

Key lessons learned

  • Games for money are growing in popularity, offering players exciting games and financial incentives.

  • Games for Money provides a unique framework that turns your playtime into a revenue stream.

  • In this article, you will discover some games to play for money in the coming year.

Play-to-earn financial incentive gaming round welcomed millions of new users throughout 2021. Find out what games you should be looking for in 2022.

Earning income from playing video games has traditionally been limited to eSports athletes or content creators. With play for money, average players can now monetize their playtime through buying and selling in-game NFTs or completing objectives in exchange for crypto rewards. If you want to learn more, you can read our helpful guide to get crypto and NFT through play to earn.

Binance NFT take the lead Play games to earn moneywith a large collection of high quality game drops and first time Initial Game Offering (IGO) platform for emerging NFT gaming projects. If you are looking for a quick way to start your NFT gaming adventure, you can start by browsing through available collection. Keep reading to find out seven NFT games to play for money you should be looking for in 2022.

1. Dalarnia Mỏ Mine

Launched on Binance Launchpool, Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game project featuring a single real estate marketplace powered by blockchain. The player base is divided into two cooperative factions, miners and landowners. Miners fight monsters and destroy blocks for valuable resources, while landowners provide land and resources. Players can also team up with friends to defeat monsters, complete quests, and unlock in-game rewards.

Mines of Dalarnia’s In-Game Assets available for purchase on Binance NFT Marketplace through their upcoming IGO collection in Q1 2022. In-game currency, DARused for all in-game transactions, including upgrades, skill advancement, administration, transaction fees, and more.

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2. My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer world-building game that combines the best of both worlds, an engaging experience for regular players and an ecosystem for traders and collectors. NFT.

Players buy and own virtual lands in the form of NFT tokens from Alice or the marketplace. The land supply is scarce, so the price fluctuates in the market. If you are an excellent landowner, you will receive additional benefits through the in-game reputation system. In addition to land, players can purchase and use in-game assets such as houses, animals, vegetables, decorations, or cosmetics for their avatar.

The main currency in the game is Alice tokens, also available for purchase on Binance. The Alice token is used for in-game transactions, like land purchases, and specific DeFi services like staking, mortgages, and buybacks.

For starters, you can check Binance NFT Secondary Market for a variety of My Neighbor Alice in-game assets, including previously sold-out mystery box items.

3. Mobox

Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse that combines gaming NFTs with DeFi productivity farming. Players can obtain Mobox NFT, also known as MOMO, through the launch of Binance NFT Mystery Box or Binance NFT Secondary Market.

Players can farm, battle and generate crypto rewards with their MOMO NFT. The platform also allows players to trade their MOMO, staking them to farm MBOX or use them as collateral in the MOBOX metaverse.

Mobox offers simple gameplay that combines free play and play for money mechanics. The game prioritizes NFT interoperability, allowing players to use their MOBOX assets across multiple games simultaneously.

4. Axie Infinity

Well known in the crypto community, Axie Infinity is a Play-to-earth game inspired by Pokemon, where players battle, raise, and trade fantasy creatures known as Axies. The game encourages players to battle their Axis factions against each other in exchange for an in-game currency known as the little love potion (SLP). Each Axie is also an NFT that can be bought or sold on the NFT markets.

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is an upcoming blockchain game in the open world, RPG scene. The player travels across a fantasy world, defeating and capturing creatures known as Illuvials. Once they’re in your collection, Illusions can be used in battle with other players as you’re on quests, completing challenges, or playing through Illuvium’s story.

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The Illuvium project core mechanic is collecting and customizing your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial has a corresponding attribute and class. There are five classes and five relationships, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your Illuvial becomes stronger as you win battles and complete quests.

All Illivium in-game assets, including Illuvials and items, are tradable on the NFT marketplace. If you are interested in earning Illuvium in-game currency, ILV and sILV, you can buy tokens on Binance and start staking on Ilivium’s platform, or you can stake your partner’s tokens in their Flash Pools.

6. Sandbox

Sandbox is a Play-to-Earn virtual metaverse where users can own land, play games, or even build their own games. Contribute to the virtual world as a collector, artist or game decider, or experience different games like a regular player. If you are looking to buy real estate or digital land, The Sandbox is one of the biggest names in reverse.

7. Alien World

Alien Worlds is a NFT Metaverse spread over seven planets. The goal of the game is to earn in-game cryptocurrency, called Trillium (TLM)can be traded for real money.

Players can mine TLM or send virtual spacecraft on missions across the Metaverse to compete for TLM rewards. Each traveler can get up to five NFTs after completing a mission. The game also allows players to compete against each other on the BSC blockchain as they explore different planets.


The NFT gaming space will continue to grow and be more widely adopted. Although we have only highlighted seven games, there is an extensive library of games for money waiting to be discovered. If you want to stay up to date on all things NFT gaming, make sure to follow Binance NFT on Twitter and Telegram. You can check ours weekly IGO reduction or exclusive Mystery box launch. For crypto users who want to start playing the NFT game, you will find all the tokens available for purchase on Binance.

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