FTX Crypto Exchange Launches FTX Gaming For Crypto-Gaming Expansion –

Leading crypto exchange platform, FTX has announced the launch of a highly anticipated new gaming unit under the brand name ‘FTX Gaming’ for crypto gaming fans. Acting as a fully dedicated ‘crypto-as-a-service’ portal, FTX Gaming will allow game companies to showcase and launch their virtual native token while providing the necessary support for Non-Fungible Token projects. The newly launched unit will play a key role in integrating crypto assets and the gaming space through a secure, transparent and decentralized interface.

As cryptocurrencies have continued to accelerate over the past few years, we have seen companies add support for these virtual tokens in their ecosystem. Sportsbook has been one of the largest incubators for crypto with sports companies, teams and players actively participating in promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies openly. With the unit FTX Gaming, the exchange looks to tap into the potential of the rapidly growing crypto-focused gaming cluster. The project will help FTX in expanding its business to a new group of users who prefer cryptocurrency payments in online games.

Speaking of this, an FTX spokesperson said that the team envisions games as a high potential use case for cryptocurrency adoption. There are more than 2 billion players in the world who have enjoyed the games with digital products and have collected them to earn lucrative money. Users can not only use these assets, but can also own them as Unavailable Tokens that have become famous among investors.

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The cryptocurrency and gaming sector integration will provide digital tokens and NFTs to players with enhanced ownership of the virtual collectibles they earn while playing. The company has begun hiring software engineers with experience writing code in the Unity game engine to support its vision plans.

In November 2021, FTX launches a $100 million GameFi fund through a strategic partnership with Solana Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The gaming sector has seen a major influx of investment recently with technology companies investing money in the development of Play-to-Earn projects. Data released by DappRadar reveals that as of January 2022, there were 398 active blockchain gaming products. This is 92% higher than the previous year and shows the growing interest in the crypto game sector.

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