NGC Ancients-Certified ‘EID MAR’ Aureus of Brutus Sells For .188 Million

An EID MAR aureus of Brutus, recently certified by NGC Ancients, sold for nearly $4.2 million, the highest price ever paid for an antique coin at auction.

‘EID MAR’ aureus by Brutus

The iconic design of the EID MAR with two daggers and a liberty cap on its back, commemorates the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March (March 15, 44 BC) , an act that has shaped the history of the Western world. By coining his own money soon after, Brutus did not evade his main role in the murder, but presented it as an act of suicide, a patriotic act to protect Rome.

As one of the three most important known gold examples of coins of the ancient world, EID MAR aureus continues to make history 2,000 years after it was marked. The exceptional prices executed not only demonstrate the importance and value of EID MAR aureus, but also the strength and vibrancy of the collectibles market.

EID MAR aureus goes on sale October 29, 2020, by Roma Numismatics Limited, a UK based specialist. Aggressive bidding pushed the price to £3,240,000 (about $4,188 million, including buyer’s premium), well ahead of its conservative pre-auction estimate of around $650,000.

“Given its legendary history and living condition, we expected this EID MAR to exceed auction estimates and sell for over a million dollars – and it did!” Mark Salzberg, NGC President and Scoring Completer exclaimed. “NGC is honored to be a part of this amazing coin and world record price setting.”

While there are about a hundred known EID MARs in silver, only two pieces of gold were known until Roma Numismatics Limited sent this third example to NGC Ancients, who confirmed its authenticity. after a thorough evaluation.

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In addition to confirming its authenticity, NGC Ancients assigned Mint State grade ★, attack rating 5/5, surface 3/5, along with the “Fine Style” designation due to its high artistry. Brand NGC Star (★) Designated designation for coins that exhibit a distinctive eye appeal.

Richard Beale, CEO of Roma Numismatics Limited, commented: “I am certain that NGC Ancients’ unbiased verification of the authenticity and condition of EID MAR has helped it achieve such incredible results. at the auction. “Contractors are confident they’re competing for a real masterpiece.”

NGC Ancients has now certified two of the five most valuable ancient coins ever sold at auction. The other, a Hadrian Brass Sestertius, sold in 2008 for $1.9 million.

The EID MAR record-breaking price is another indicator that the collectibles market is thriving with the help of NGC’s third-party certification services. Buyers around the world trust their certified collections to be authentic, correctly classified, properly described and securely protected by NGC’s modern owners.

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About No Injury Guarantee Corporation (NGC®) and NGC Ancients

NGC is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party scoring service for coins, tokens and medals. It provides accurate, consistent and objective assessments of authenticity and grade. Since its founding in 1987, NGC has certified more than 47 million collectibles. NGC Ancients, a division of the NGC devoted to ancient coins, identifies and classifies most coins occurring in the Western world from mint origin to c. AD 500, as well as coins of the Byzantine Empire (491-1453 AD). To learn more, visit

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