Role Of Blockchain In The Manufacturing Industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform businesses across many different sectors. Many industries such as healthcare, education, supply chain, retail and many more are undergoing transformation under the Blockchain effect. In this blog, I will highlight, how Blockchain is changing the manufacturing industry.

When it comes to some of the most potential application areas of Blockchain, it will be the manufacturing sector. You can choose any manufacturing sector and you can find the application of Blockchain in that very field.

Whether it’s suppliers, store floor operations, procurement, strategic sourcing, or anything related to manufacturing, Blockchain can enable a whole new way of doing business. production business.

We all know that supply chains form the foundation of every manufacturing industry and Blockchain can prove to be a catalyst to advance the supply chain system. With the intervention of Blockchain technology, the whole supply will become more efficient, thus increasing product quality, product tracking and tracking, and with all this, the producer will be able to meet Responding to customer needs on time and also ensuring that quality products are delivered to customers.

Blockchain in production

Blockchain is a digital distributed ledger technology that stores all data exchanges by time stamping. Because tracking this data becomes very easy with Blockchain technology. Furthermore, once it stores information, it is nearly impossible to change the data and that forms another key feature of Blockchain.

So, what are the key features of Blockchain that could prove to be beneficial for the manufacturing industry?

Talking about the main features of Blockchain technology, it includes the following:

  • Immutability– Means that data or information cannot be changed once it becomes part of DLT or Blockchain.
  • Easy traceabilityWith Blockchain, everyone can track data more easily.
  • DecentralizationBlockchain is a decentralized platform that makes data distributed in the network instead of being stored on a central server.
  • Data security and transparency- These are two other important features of Blockchain. Since all information is stored cryptographically, it is not easy for anyone outside the system to change. Moreover, all information is visible to the entire system or everyone in the network, thus becoming the most inevitable technology of the future.
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When it comes to the application of Blockchain in the manufacturing sector, in addition to combining Blockchain with IoT and 3D printing, we can guarantee a smarter and more efficient production process.

Let’s see how Blockchain can be used in manufacturing business-

As mentioned, the supply chain is an integral part of the manufacturing industry and having a more efficient system will only ensure that the manufacturing business goes on continuously.

Combining Blockchain with IoT at the transport level in the supply chain enhances transparency, authenticity, compliance with product and contract requirements, thereby minimizing product and product duplication. fake. This becomes especially important when it comes to a highly regulated industry such as Consumer Packaging, Aviation and Defense, and pharmaceuticals. The combination of these two technologies will provide real-time information about a specific product’s cylinders ensuring hassle-free shipping, tamper-proof storage, temperature-controlled product shipping and more. again.

When Blockchain is used in the supply chain part, information related to a certain product is uploaded when it is purchased from the place of production, the installation of a sensor on the product, and sensor synchronization with the ledger will ensure that you can do real-time tracking of information thus ensuring that the product is authentic and real.

Smart contracts are another application area of ​​Blockchain in the manufacturing industry. In the conventional system, while shopping for a product, one needs to be constantly with many people and also intermediaries. This consumes a lot of time. Moreover, the payment is also delayed because the current system requires too much time to confirm and approve the payment. On the contrary, if we take into account smart contracts, then these pre-programmed contracts can be very useful for the manufacturing industry. A smart contract for a specific project can be created and when the conditions in the contract are met, the payment term is automatically credited to that person.

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What is happening on the ground?

Well, it is not only the theory we are talking about, but Blockchain technology can also refine the supply chain system. IBM Blockchain is one of the platforms that provides advanced data identification and data management. Another forum, Blockchain Foundry works on the development of Blockchain-based services for prototypes and products in production applications. BigchainDB exposes scalable Blockchain services.

Conclusion- Well, it all looks very lucrative and Blockchain is definitely holding a solid future as far as the manufacturing industry is concerned. But when it comes to implementation, we need to check if implementing this technology is beneficial for the company or is a costly endeavor.

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