Tesla car owners receive fake NTSR letters in the mail

Tesla owners receive NTSR scam mail in the mail

Scammers are sending snail mail to Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) owners to scam them.

The Tesla Owners Club of Austin member Gail Alfar shared with CleanTechnica a letter asking her to sign up for a stolen Vehicle Locator and Recovery service, which was supposed to allow authorities to track her vehicle in the event of a theft.

“Without an active subscription, your service will expire and your vehicle may be “at risk” of becoming a target for more motor vehicle theft. Police and law enforcement agencies will not have access to track your vehicle back to you through the National Theft Search and Recovery database without full vehicle registration. yours,” the letter reads.

Photograph of fake NTSR letter. Courtesy of Gail Alfar.

There is no such thing as a Tesla dealer

The letter may look like an official letter, but a closer look reveals that it was sent to scammers. First, it mentions “Tesla dealer”.

Unlike other car brands that distribute their vehicles through dealers, Tesla has eliminated the middleman and sells its electric vehicles directly to customers.

Back in 2012, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained to justify the company’s approach to car distribution:

“Our stores are designed to be informative and interactive in a fun way and simply don’t look like a traditional dealership with hundreds of cars in stock where an authorized salesperson duty to sell”

Another red flag

Alfar said that other members of her car group also received a similar letter. She said there was concern among club members that it could be a private matter. In addition to the incoming phishing letter, Alfar said people are also constantly receiving emails.

The letter showed it came from the National Theft Search and Recovery (NTSR), but the alleged address of the NTSR’s Registration Center in Amarillo, Texas, turned out to be non-existent. This phone number is also linked to internet scam complaints.

A discussion on Tesla’s website revealed that the mail scam dates back to early 2016.

“If you receive mail from NTSR (National Theft Theft Search and Recovery), please Google NTSR and at least read the warnings on the BBB,” one Tesla Model S 60D owner posted on the forum. “I am sure your vehicle will be listed in their National Theft Search and Recovery Database, but I am also certain that no police theft unit uses the service. their. Please do your research before even thinking about accepting this “offer”.

Caring for vulnerable people

While some people may do more research when they receive these types of letters, Alfar says her husband is concerned that vulnerable people could fall for scams.

“He speaks especially to people who are much older and see the personalization on the header of the envelope,” she said.

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