Top 10 Blockchain-Related Stocks To Invest In 2019

Blockchain is one of the biggest revolutions we have witnessed in the past decade. Starting from being the underlying technology of Bitcoin, it has broadened its horizons to become part of mainstream businesses. Nowadays, you can hear about more and more companies investing in this technology.

Transparency, immutability and decentralization are core features of Blockchain technology and these features have attracted many big names into the Blockchain pool Beyond its usual application in the field of money exchange bad; Blockchain finds countless applications in healthcare, academia, supply chain management, digital identity, etc. Currently, there are around 80 companies developing practical applications using Blockchain technology. . According to a report by the World Economic Forum, Blockchain platforms will account for 10% of global GDP in the next decade.

Blockchain Innovation Potential

Yes, the reality is that more and more companies are investing in Blockchain and why not, this technology must provide the best trading in the market, safe, secure, easy to access, has universal application and most importantly, it completely disables the need for a third party to interfere in the operation of this system. All of this has brought many big names to invest and develop Blockchain-based solutions. Due to the growing potential of Blockchain technology, many companies are eyeing investing in Blockchain securities. Here, we bring you the ten best Blockchain stocks where you can invest without worry.

Top 10 Blockchain Stocks that should be on every investor’s radar-

  1. IBM- Whenever we talk about Blockchain-based development, IBM leads the discussion. The company has been actively working on and investing in Blockchain-based solution development. The company currently has 500 active projects in Blockchain. It is currently working on off-chain technology through IBM’s Cloud-based Operational Decision Manager.
  2. Mastercard Stock Although Blockchain is a competitor to Mastercard, in 2017 the company that announced a Blockchain-based alternative payment option is becoming the second company working on decentralized payment options after IMB.
  3. Hitachi shares – This Japanese company is implementing several Blockchain-based projects. Hitachi has partnered with Mizuho to develop a decentralized platform to improve supply chain management efficiency.
  4. Seed token project: In addition to Blockchain, another technology that the world is talking about is Artificial Intelligence. Many companies are trying to integrate Blockchain with AI to create a more efficient system. This project aims to connect these two technologies and create a decentralized marketplace. Today there are market projects, but the Seed Token Project is unique because it also focuses on AI.
  5. Fujitsu –This is another form of Japanese name that is active in the Blockchain field. The company was recently selected as a supplier to develop a Blockchain-based platform for the Japan Banks Association (JBA). In addition, the company has also opened a Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium. It is working on various Blockchain based projects like Proof Of Business and Blockchain 360 degrees.
  6. ING Groep- This Netherlands-based bank has built a strong name in the Blockchain space. It is integrated with Easy Trading Connect – a platform for trading financial commodities participating in the Blockchain field. It has worked on 44 proof-of-concept projects and has also successfully completed eight pilot projects.
  7. Daimler shares – The company is one of the leading car manufacturers with headquarters in Germany. The company is the first automated company to move into Blockchain.
  8. Bank of America– If you are sure about Blockchain investment, then maybe you should start investing in Bank of America stock. As one of the leading banks, it has been actively spending on Blockchain, and similarly IBM has filed many patents. It filed its first Blockchain-oriented patent in 2014 under the name BofA.
  9. It is the first US retailer to accept Bitcoin to reinvigorate its business. Its subsidiary Medici Ventures actively investing in Blockchain started working in the field of digital identity, voting, etc.
  10. VeriBlock: The company uses the Proof-of-Proof concept to secure altcoins. The company aims to protect altcoins with security issues due to the lower rewards offered. Working in this direction, it has become one of the top players on the BTC Blockchain
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There are two ways to invest in Blockchain technology; you can buy the same shares as you buy other stocks or else you can also start investing in ICO. ICO investment has become popular these days. Keep the options mentioned above in your checklist if you are planning to invest in Blockchain.

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