Top 10 Companies That Have Already Adopted Blockchain

Last year saw a lot of hype about cryptocurrencies from the media and investors. But now the hype seems to be dying out, it is giving way to more natural and organic evolution of Blockchain Technology like bitcoin pro. And crypto users are no longer confined to the financial sectors. From logistics to real estate and digital ID management, corporations around the world are making huge strides in adopting Blockchain Technology. Here are the top 10 companies that have incorporated blockchain into their operations.


FedEx is one of the largest logistics management companies in the world and handles billions of dollars worth of goods each year. FedEx has now become the first major shipping giant to incorporate Blockchain Technology into their supply chain management. So far, they are using Blockchains to track high-value goods and soon plan to expand the functionality to most of their shipments. In addition, they are also helping to develop Blockchain-based industry standards for supply chain logistics, establishing themselves as pioneers in the field.

Burger King Russia

Fast food giant Burger King has launched its crypto token in Russia, called WhopperCoin on the Waves platform. Named after the brand’s flagship burger, WhopperCoin is Burger Kings’ attempt at using Blockchain to power their rewards program. What is unique about this approach is that unlike traditional rewards programs, WhopperCoin tokens can be stored online, traded or even transferred to others using the Waves platform. Customers will receive WhopperCoin for every Ruble they spend at Burger King and can respectively purchase Whopper for 1700 WhopperCoin. This is an important move that could have far-reaching consequences for all types of rewards programs – from movie theaters to frequent flights.

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KIK is one of the largest online chat platforms with over 300 million active users. KIK ended their ICO in 2017 and recently integrated the Kin cryptocurrency into their platform, which can be used to pay other users of the platform. Kin Foundation has announced that it will be able to offer free transactions using its unique network. KIK’s goal is to integrate blockchain-based payments into services that people already use to create an entire economy around their cryptocurrency.


IBM is shaping up to be one of the giants in the crypto space by providing the backbone of Blockchain-related services to businesses. Using the Hyperledger blockchain generator, they can help organizations create their own distributed ledgers and smart contract systems. They have partnered with a number of logistics businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs for them. Partners include logistics giants such as Walmart and banks such as Bank of Montreal (BMO), CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group and the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). With food logistics like in the case of Walmart, the goal is to make the supply chain safer so that pollution can be minimized. While banks have developed a Blockchain trade finance platform called Batavia.


Walmart and nine other food companies have partnered with IBM to create a Blockchain to track food globally through its supply chain. Real-time data will be recorded at all times, on every food product. Food Trust Blockchain, including Nestlé SA, Dole Food Co., Unilever and several others. These companies have been partnering with IBM on this initiative since 2016 and started testing the product last August. Their goal is to improve companies’ ability to identify issues related to food recalls, such as tracing outbreaks faster, to limit risk to customers. Walmart appears to have joined the initiative after a salmonella outbreak in the supply chain last year.

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Microsoft is another tech giant that has embraced Blockchain Technology since its inception. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin payments on its website in 2014 when almost no one knew about the cryptocurrency. Microsoft has also secured around 40 patents related to the use of Blockchains as payment gateways and for secure storage. Bill Gates and several of his decentralized nonprofits have been looking at Blockchains to try to improve operations within their organizations. Microsoft is also allowing businesses and developers to deploy their own Blockchain using Stratis in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing Microsoft-managed Data Center applications.


Overstock has been one of the biggest advocates of Blockchain Technology since the beginning and allows users to buy all the items on their website with Bitcoin. The company sells home decor, furniture, bedding, and a variety of other merchandise that are closed merchandise. Patrick M. Byrne, the company’s founder, is a staunch supporter of cryptocurrencies and has been outspoken about his commitment to decentralized money.

Master Card

Mastercard has filed more than 30 Blockchain-related patents, some titled “Instant Payment Methods and Systems Using Recorded Guarantee”, which seems to imply that they are building Build your own Blockchain-based payment gateways. Bitcoin has reportedly been disruptive to payment processors like Mastercard and VISA, so they will be exploring their private alternatives to Bitcoin-based payments.

Huawei Technology

Huawei wants to use Blockchains to further organize the mobile industry to reduce fraud and scams. Huawei stated in a recent press release that, “Blockchain technology offers mobile service providers great opportunities to support business model transformation through new network layers. , which could revolutionize the way data integrity is verified and value and permissions are transmitted and tracked across the infrastructure for subscribers. “

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Bank of America

Bank of America recently filed for nine more blockchain-related patents, a sign that the bank is willing to use Blockchains in its operations. Bank of America hopes to use the open-source ledger to create more efficient financial transactions for consumers and businesses. Combined with Ripple’s XRP token, Bank of America can save billions of dollars per year on cross-border payments.

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