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Blockchain Platform introduced the tool “decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)” with the goal of supporting the decentralized business ecosystem. They play an important part in decentralized finance. They can play a more important role as DAO infrastructure becomes more proficient and once overlooked stakeholders in the financial sector will follow through with greater governance requirements. DAO is a blockchain technology– the fuel link depends on smart contracts to support itself. Despite the fact that human intervention is possible to some extent, the goal of the DAO is to be truly decentralized in its operations. DAOs are new, but they can affect the DeFi space as well as organizations in a variety of sectors and businesses.

Here are some of the top DAO projects to look for in 2021:

Table of contents

  • KyberDAO
  • Aragon
  • Gnosis Knife
  • Rocket
  • Metafactory
  • Holy Fame
  • Raid Association
  • Stop thinking


KyberDAO is a descendant of Kyber Network, an on-chain liquidity strategy that enables consistent trading of crypto tokens. KyberDAO was born in July 2020 and allows individuals holding KNC tokens to participate in decisions regarding Kyber Network operations.

The Kyber team has come up with several proposed advantages of joining KyberDAO, including increasing support by compensating KNC holders with ETH tokens, providing transparency in governance, and placing parties related focus on Kyber’s long-term goals for growth and innovation. Kyber Network has a market capitalization of over $227 million.


Aragon is a decentralized autonomous organization and a structured block for others to showcase their DAOs. It aims to allow customers to connect with anyone from anywhere under the DAO system. It claims to be the foundation for about 1,500 DAOs to date. These DAOs include approximately $350 million in participating assets.

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ANT token holders can express their agreement and disagreement on choices affecting the course of the Aragon proceeding; at the same time, they can start or join DAOs empowered by Aragon. The Aragon Fundraising Project aims to enable DAO members to effectively access fundraising for their organization. At the time of writing, Aragon has a market capitalization in excess of $157 million.


GnosisDAO is the newly reported decentralized autonomous organization from Gnosis. It is a program that helps developers of the DeFi space. GnosisDAO builds its oversight over the forecast markets. Based on the state and needs of the market, it provides useful recommendations to its decentralized representatives. The SAFE token will be used to manage the DAO and the DAO will have rights over 150,000 plus ETH tokens and 8,00,000.00 GNO.


Rocket is a DAO where members accept non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for fixed tokens in DAI dollars or US dollars. NFTs cannot be traded for various tokens as cryptocurrencies, such as the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Thus, Rocket offers an approach for NFT holders to gain liquidity without having to give up their NFT holdings.


MetaFactory is an alternative for individuals who may want to shop at a community-based platform. It’s a market where customers can buy shirts, caps, Fannie packs, and things like yam jam. However, it basically means more than a retail website. Its goal is to raise money for crowdfunding and clothing manufacturers, and to enable financial investors to profit with earnings through a decentralized platform.

They expect that MetaFactory and its affiliates will be the prototype for brand factories organized as DAOs.

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Holy Fame

Saint Fame is a web-based fashion label. It marks itself as an experiment in an unpredictable fashion world. The stake holders in the Saint Fame decentralized autonomous organization network purchased the $FAME token and appointed a fashion designer to produce a shirt and then validate the design before that shirt is marketed. In this way, it becomes a decentralized collective fashion house. Customers can get $FAME tokens back for Saint Fame items.

Raid Association

The Raid Guild is a decentralized group of hired professionals whose goal is to help their customers assemble, debug, and fine-tune their Web3 projects. This is a non-exclusive decentralized network of developers and website designers who have a few Web3 projects added to their portfolio and wish to include them in their portfolio. Raid Guild works using the MetaCartel Network.

Stop thinking

The DAO is expected to improve in the coming years. Inventory of DAOs is growing rapidly, with a 660% increase in functional DAOs from 2019 to September 2020.

As new DAOs spring up, the individuals who nurture them will realize: what users like, what are the significant obstacles to its adoption, the use cases the DAO can best serve, and many other things.

The possibility of continued dissatisfaction with business as usual in 2021 could lead to a growing number of buyers in all sectors demanding more notable ownership for the organizations they care about. This stance aligns with the goals of the DAO and can further promote DAO creation and investment.

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