Top Five Blockchain Projects You Can Follow in 2020

With 2019 bringing many industries and organizations under the radar of blockchain and transforming a mere buzzword into a technology for impactful business use cases, Blockchain has become a skill to be reckoned with. The most mentioned and required. The governments of many countries have strengthened blockchain implementation. To name a few, Dubai is racing to become the world’s first city powered by Blockchain; China has also spent billions of dollars on implementing blockchain in government processes, providing cybersecurity. The world’s major companies and financial institutions are implementing blockchain to get the full benefit of their operations and utilize their full potential. The preponderance of this technology has led to the start of many blockchain research and development projects around the globe. In this context, we present the top five blockchain projects, among the many ongoing and completed blockchain projects to watch and look forward to this year:


Life expectancy is increasing, current medical facilities are inefficient, patients are increasingly distrustful of existing systems, the infusion of information technology into the healthcare space, facility costs Rising healthcare, along with many other issues has led to digital transformation in this space being a difficult claim and is one of the blockchain-based transformations to redefine governance , coordinate and pay for healthcare benefits. It also allows healthcare providers to create their own “Care Management Network”.

HMS Technologies, a critical healthcare information company that works for the US government, has partnered with to integrate blockchain in its related HIT (Health Information Technology) initiative. state to reduce government spending on healthcare, enhance digital healthcare records, and bring in accessibility to virtual healthcare services.

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2. Uhive

A blockchain-based social networking site in addition to providing the experience, connecting with friends and family, and exploring topics of interest, of a typical social networking site, also considers user space ( space provided to users on the site) as an attribute whose value increases as traffic levels and engagement increase. For example, if a user’s profile or page or any post gets followers, likes, comments or shares, then the value of the space occupied by the user increases and the asset that can be bought, sold, rented, or monetized in any other way just like a real-world property.

Users will also be rewarded for the time they spend on the site and according to the activities. Advertising revenue will also be shared with users through Uhive tokens, Uhive’s native digital currency.

3. Constellation

A little-known blockchain project that will make big data more accessible and manageable with the help of a Guided Acyclic Graph (DAG), which is a highly scalable and was used in IOTA’s puppet sequence. It has been touted as the democratization of data.

In today’s world, where huge amounts of data are generated and huge databases are used to store them, very few organizations can extract meaningful information from them. More and more companies are spending a lot of money on improving their ability to extract information from large data sets efficiently. AI and ML have made it cheaper, efficient, accessible and affordable. Constellation has been built for the same purpose in terms of data origin and integrity by providing the infrastructure of a decentralized, open data marketplace.

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US Airforce partnered with Constellation to automate the management of big data from data sources such as drones, aircraft, and satellites to help them avoid being in bunkers and provide an overview of the data source. data in real time.

4. Cinemadrome

It is a blockchain film platform and is billed as a blockchain-based International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers (IBNIF) designed to finance, produce and distribute film rights and projects.

Moviecash, Lutoken and Lumiere cryptocurrencies are the foundation of Cinemadrome. These tokens are designed to fund movie projects hosted on the Cinemadrom blockchain platform and to launch and support the work of various services of this ecosystem.

This blockchain network brings together various participants such as film producers, authors, directors, actors, investors, partners, and moviegoers in general. With the help of this technological breakthrough based on the financing principle of stakeholder interaction, the entry threshold for producing a film has been reduced to $100 from $1,000,000. The main source of revenue for the blockchain network is the advertisements placed on Cinemadrome services.

5. Courage

A blockchain-based Internet browser that has reached over 20 million downloads is poised to offer high speed, privacy, and security. The reward is given after selecting the ad authorized by the user and that ultimately helps the publisher to get a fair share of the revenue from the Internet. The blockchain solution tried to eliminate the middle man.

User data, internet activity, personally shared data and cookies, etc., are sold to the highest bidder for ad targeting. Users are even burdened by fraudulent advertisements. The blockchain-based browser blocks user-defined ads and trackers and protects users from being tracked from every action they take on the internet. This gives users freedom and privacy and protects them from harmful ads. This also results in much faster web page loading and surfing speeds. A significant advantage of using a browser is that users who choose an ad can set an hourly ad frequency and receive the same reward when the ad appears and the user clicks.

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In conclusion, all of the above projects are just the beginning of the full potential of the blockchain environment and a lot of opportunities lie within this field for professionals who want to work in this space. Blockchain courses & certifications help you rise to that role in no time.

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