Two-Headed Coins are Flops in Value but Cute as Pranks

The two-headed coin does command but a few dollars for the price.

And, instead of finding a change in your pocket and selling it for a profit, you’re more likely to pay those few dollars to buy one in a novelty, prank, or magician shop.

That doesn’t mean people don’t find them… One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How much is my double-headed coin worth?”

Most of the questioners were hoping they’d discovered a buggy coin worth thousands of dollars. That would never happen with modern US coins.

How are double-headed or double-headed coins made?

A double-headed coin is created by seamlessly joining, one-on-one, two heads or two tails of coins of the same type. These coins are then sold to hoaxes and gags or to performers.

The way to join is pretty good. Aside from the two-sided aspect, the visual difference is often undetectable from another coin.

It is likely that this is what led to the coins finding their way into circulation.

Another is someone who buys one, says it through an exchange encounter, and then finds out it’s not worth it and releases it into circulation.

The United States Mint cannot produce double-headed coins even if mistaken. And here’s how to spot fakes.

The very process by which the United State Mint generates coins prevents the possibility of a double-ended coin failure.

A recent press release on the subject described it best. Allan Rosenberg, President of, stated:

“The US Mint has built-in safeguards against the accidental creation of coins with improper spin or die settings. The die shafts are made of a certain size and shape so that they only fit the coin press in a predetermined way. Therefore, any US double-ended coin you find in pocket change is a new commodity. A surefire way to tell if the first quarter is fake is to bang it on the surface and listen for a hollow sound. Because a dummy head is basically hollow.”

What is the real value or price of a double-headed coin?

If you go to eBay, you will find various two-headed coins for less than $10.

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There are also online companies that specialize in this area. One example is

There you can buy a two-headed or two-tailed quartet for $7.49. Their double-ended nickel is cheaper, now $4.29

But please, if you buy one, use it for fun and not for groceries.

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