U.S. Mint Produces Over 1.2 Billion Coins for Circulation in January 2020

US Mint manufacturing facilities made more than 1.2 billion coins in January 2020

U.S. circulating coin production resumed in January with the United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver having collected more than 1.2 billion coins spread across coins, nickel, dimes, quarter, half dollar and dollar.

Production pace increased 206.4 percent from December but slowed by 18.5% compared to January 2019. Here are the months compared to other months in the past year:

January 2019 to January 2020 Production of circulating coins

Month Mintages Places
January 2020 1,228.08 million won 4
December 2019 400.88 million won 13
November 2019 898.38 million won ten
October 2019 1,154.94 million won 6
September 2019 939.66 million won 9
August 2019 767.32 million won 11
July 2019 1,202.10 million won 5
June 2019 1,021,654 million won 8
May 2019 485.24 million won twelfth
April 2019 1,253.76 million won 3
March 2019 1,054.90 million won 7
February 2019 1,256.10 million won 2
January 2019 1,507.30 million VND first

The Federal Reserve orders more 1-cent coins than any other denomination even as data shows U.S. Mint Costs 1.99 cents to produce and distribute each. The Mint produced 668.4 million Lincoln coins last month, representing 54.4% of the quality coins in circulation produced in January.


Comparing the production rate in January to December yields little value in this data round because the total output between the two months is so far apart.

For an annual comparison of coins used every day by Americans, the total yield:

  • 25.2% off Lincoln cents,
  • 7.4% off for Jefferson nicks,
  • 37.9% off Dimes Roosevelt and
  • 33.7% increase in US dollar in Nice quarter.
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Native US$1 cents and Kennedy half-dollars are no longer ordered by the Federal Reserve Banks but they are still produced in circulation quality for coin collectors. Usually in January, the United States Mint tends to include both coins in the projected amount needed for the whole year. That’s not the case at least for half.

Mintages for the 2020 Kennedy half-dollar are currently at 1.8 million from Denver and 0 from Philadelphia, which should change. Last year’s half-dollar ended with an even split of 1.7 million between Denver and Philadelphia for a total of 3.4 million.

Mints published for native US dollars in 2020 are 1.26 million from Denver and 1.4 million from Philadelphia for a total of 2.66 million. Last year’s dollars split 1.54 million to Denver and 1.4 million to Philadelphia for a total of 2.94 million.

The US Mint released 2020 Native US Dollar rolls and bags on February 12. The Kennedy halves are scheduled to launch on May 4.

So far, the US Mint has only released one other coin that’s been released annually with a one-year design – American Samoa’s 2020 national park. The final mints for it will be available in March.

Here is a summary of all circulating quality coins produced last month:

Production of US Mint circulating coins in January 2020

Denominations Denver Philadelphia total
Lincoln Cents 344,000,000 won 324.400.000 668,400,000 VND
Jefferson Nickels 72,960,000 won 53,760,000 won 126.720,000 won
Roosevelt Dimes 82,500,000 won 91,000,000 VND 173,500,000 won
ATB Quarters 123.200.000 VND 131,800,000 255,000,000 VND
Kennedy half dollar 1,800,000 won 1,800,000 won
1 native US dollar 1,260,000 won 1,400,000 won 2,660,000 won
total 625,720,000 won 602,360,000 won 1,228,080,000 won
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Of the overall production, the Denver Mint generated 625.72 million coins and the Philadelphia Mint generated 602.36 million coins for a total of 1,228,080,000 coins. If the current production rate lasts until December, annual revenue for 2020 will amount to VND 14.7 billion. The US Mint generated over 11.9 billion coins in circulation in 2019.

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