US Mint Increases Prices for 2020 Numismatic Products

This CoinNews photo shows the Delaware American Reverse Proof 2019-S Renewal Dollar. Upcoming coins in the series, as well as other US Mint products, will cost more in 2020.

Collectors will pay more in 2020 for United States Mint anesthetic products. The US Mint has released information for several upcoming collections, and their prices compared to companions from last year are between 80 cents and $23.30 higher.

Affected products include annual sets, quarter reels, quarter bags, quarter sets, dollar reels, dollar bags, dollar boxes, reverse proof dollars, silver coins and silver medals .

The price of silver products increased the most.

The following table lists Mint’s numismatic products, their prices, and how much they’ve changed compared to 2019.

Product Price Get a raise
Reverse Proof 2019 New Jersey US Dollar Innovation $11.50 $1.55
Reverse Proof 2019 US Georgia Innovation Dollar $11.50 $1.55
ATB 2020 quadrant proof set $18.50 $2.55
2020 ATB Silver Proof Set $42.50 $5.55
Set of proofs for the year 2020 $32.00 $4.05
Set born in 2020 $23.00 $3.05
Happy birthday coin set 2020 $23.00 $3.05
Set of greetings for the year 2020 $65.50 $8.55
National Park 2020 Triad of American Samoa $49.25 $2.30
National Park 2020 by American Samoa Quarter Two-Roll Set $34.50 $1.55
American Samoa’s 2020 National Park 40 cents note $19.75 $0.80
American Samoa’s 2020 National Park 100 cents bag $36.75 $1.80
National Parks 2020 American Samoa’s Coin Trilogy $11.50 $1.55
American Samoa Five Ocean National Park in 2020
Non-cyclical silver coin
$178.25 $23.30
2020 Native American $1 Coin Roll $34.50 $1.55
2020 Native American $1 Coin Box 250 coins $289.75 $13.80
2020 Local US$100 bag $117.50 $5.55
2020 Proof American Silver Eagle $ 64.50 $8.55
Andrew Jackson Presidential Silver Medal $46.00 $6.05
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Release dates and available information for the above products are found in the US Mint’s 2020 Product Schedule.

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