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When it comes to technology, we must acknowledge the fact that it is dynamic. Every day we hear about some new developments in this field and the recent one is Blockchain. This technology has brought us some revolutionary changes, which will surely change the future operation of different business sectors. Well, my goal in writing this blog is to broaden my horizons of blockchain technology and showcase how it will affect the gaming sector.

Yes, gaming, another popular field that has a huge fan following. It’s a world within a world. You can have a whole new environment and atmosphere exist here. Game lovers are always looking for new ways to make their gaming experience more realistic. We all know that gaming is a huge field and people interact in the virtual world to compete with each other or play together. To make this whole process safe and secure, it is essential to have a system that can guarantee this. Well, here blockchain might come into the picture. Let’s analyze how blockchain gaming will change the gaming world.

Play games on blockchain

Let’s see how it will change the game world :

  1. Parallel game universes– Blockchain allows gamers to create their characters and use them in different games with intertwined environments. With the help of this information, we are able to find out gamers’ preferences and create a more tailored experience.
  2. Increase the value of game itemsWhen it comes to increasing the value of virtual games, blockchain can prove useful in the following ways:
  • You can use virtual products both inside and outside the game. It further increases the value of virtual products.
  • With the help of blockchain, we can set up a platform that allows players to convert those products into fiat currency like dollars.
  • It will create a network to facilitate the sharing, trading and gifting of virtual items to enhance social value.
  1. Safe Storage- Since all transactions or data in the blockchain are cryptographically encrypted when this feature is merged with the game, it will ensure safe and secure storage of game products. Cryptography ensures that information or data is immutable, unchangeable, and impenetrable making anything impenetrable. In a word, it means that the information of virtual items is safe with users.
  2. Save on payment processing We all know that decentralized payment gateways allow users to make payments in minimal time and with only a fraction of the processing fees that users pay with their credit cards. When it comes to developers, they can save on merchant registration fees and payment gateways.
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Blockchain game example-

If you’ve ever thought that Blockchain games are just a hot topic, then you should know that we have a number of blockchain games that dominate the market and capture the world’s attention. Here are some highlights:

1. Cryptokittes – The game has been a huge success since it was first introduced. This game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is very popular. Cryptokitties related to digital trading cats. These digital cats are smart contracts with distinct identities and unique attributes. Popularity has grown to the point where the value of the best-selling Genesis Cat has reached $115,000.

2. Electronic money – I’m sure many of you have played the celebrity card game, this game is similar. It involves buying, selling, and trading celebrity cars that have the celebrity’s image on them. These tokens are Ethereum smart contracts. With the purchase of each smart contract, it will double in value from the launch price of .0001 Ether.

The list doesn’t end here; we have many other games like EtherWarfare, Spell of Genesis, these games have created a frenzy in the market and gained attention.

When it comes to blockchain applications, the list is endless and we see new additions every day. Despite certain hiccups such as the lack of regulatory authority and control, the technology has some great benefits to offer. With so many applications including gamin, blockchain is sure to shake up the future.

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