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Since time immemorial, art has always been an integral part of human existence on this planet. Be it the million-year-old cave paintings lurking in a certain corner of the mountains or the huge, gigantic structures like the Pyramids or Stonehenge, which have become associated with culture. and our identity, it is true that humans are always looking for ways in which they can express themselves through the various creative ways available at their disposal.

The desire to express oneself is extremely strong even at this time. We can see how people all over the world are flocking through social media platforms ready to present themselves as best they can and now there are so many tools and platforms present just for the purpose. there. Everyone in today’s world is ready to stand out from the frenzy of social media and connect with others in a way that makes more sense to them.

One of the other ways that humanity wants to make its mark on this world and leave its own legacy is by owning land and real estate. Land is one of the most scarce things that people over the centuries have always coveted and tried to express themselves through the intrinsic value it upholds. This is exactly the same in the case of digital art, which is certainly an invaluable way of self-expression, although it can be replicated and shared any time at will.

However, most of the digital art that we see online is mostly not owned by their creators. That’s because they mostly exist on centralized servers that are mostly owned by governments or private corporations. This is what drives the need for decentralized applications. Decentralized applications are extremely beneficial because they provide a way for people to literally own their data and decide what to do with it. Decentralization promotes the spirit of true ownership.

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And many believe that only through the use of non-fungible tokens or NFTs will allow us to control ownership of our information and data from corporate giants.

NFT Land Art

There are important reasons why NFT has emerged as a phenomenon in the art world over the past few years. Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are essentially the only generated crypto-assets that exist beyond the reach of traditional financial systems, which also means that they are not dependent on banks or institutions. central to determine their value. Instead, they operate on their individual blockchain networks.

Similarly, a new platform has emerged called Next Earth, which is basically a detailed replica of the planet but only digitally and it is completely blockchain-based. Users will be able to purchase virtual land on the platform and will be able to create Pixel art that can be unique and quite valuable in the long run.

Why collect earth art?

There can be many reasons to acquire a fortune other than appreciating that art. In a similar way, in which investors track, observe, and analyze data, digital art collectors can also analyze data to find out what makes a work of art. particular pieces of art are more valuable than other works of art and apply specific strategies to maintain some aesthetic value for their overall collection.

With emerging platforms like Earth 2, Next Earth and Decentraland, it gives users the opportunity to buy land digitally. It is important to mention that all parcels of land are not valued equally. Just like in real life, the value of these digital lands varies according to the ecosystem around it. For example, while a platform called Earth 2 offers centralized company-owned land, other platforms like Next Earth are completely decentralized, meaning that land ownership belongs only to the owner. possess. No third parties involved.

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The Next Earth platform even allows users to monetize their artistic expressions through creative displays. Through this initiative, the platform is pioneering a new paradigm for the world of digital art, not just buying bricks but an opportunity to create a world of its own.

Closing thoughts: How to build your own NFT-based projects?

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